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ODI Variables not getting assigned

651718Sep 19 2008 — edited Oct 7 2008
Hello Everyone,

I am facing problem in assigning a value to a ODI Global Variable through Scenario.

I am putting down the steps which I have taken,

i.) Created a Global Variable(MAX_RECORDS), with a
default value untouched(i.e I haven't entered anything),
datatype Alphanumeric,
Action Type - NotPersistant
Refreshing Command as SELECT #MAX_RECORDS FROM DUAL (I have entered the variable name using expression editor).

2.) Created a Project Variable(FILE_NAME), a refreshing variable with the refreshing command SELECT CONCAT(#MAX_RECORDS,'FILE.txt') FROM DUAL
3.) Then an interface which loads a flat file from a table. The file name will depend on the variable FILE_NAME.(which have been correctly set in the Model Datastore).

4.) In the package the flow is as follows,

MAX_RECORDS(a declare variable) ---> MAX_RECORDS(a set variable) ---> MAX_RECORDS(a refresh variable) ---> FILE_NAME(a refresh variable) --> Interface

5.) A scenario has been generated using the above package with the startup parameter as GLOBAL.MAX_RECORDS
6.) On launching the scenario from the Designer, it prompted a for the GLOBAL.MAX_RECORDS which I have passed as 3

But the scenario failed with the error 'java.lang.Exception: Variable has no value: GLOBAL.MAX_RECORDS'

Any help would really be helpful and appreciated. Please let me know if the problem stated is not clear.