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ODI Studio - filtering one table in mapping based on a value in another table

User_9ZAOXMar 7 2022

I currently have a Mapping that filters incoming data pulling from an external source based on sysdate-3. In the unlikely event that we'd be down for more than 3 days, my team is working on adjusting the mapping to reference the last time the data was captured and looking a day before as the new replacement.
For right now, I'm trying to figure out how to filter a table (ex. TABLE_A by TABLE_A.LASTMODDIFIEDDATE) based on a date stored in a second table (TABLE_B). TABLE_B has a row for every extracted table, and the timestamp for when it was last successfully extracted. So, I want to filter the output basically like TABLE_A.LASTMODIFIEDDATE greater than or equal to TABLE_B.LAST_EXTRACT WHERE TABLENAME = X.
I have tried a bunch of things but I'm not certain how to make the mapping filter one table by another. There is no direct way to join these two tables. Any assistance would be helpful.
ODI Studio 12.2.1