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ODI Patching methodology input requested

DSEVERNNov 30 2023 — edited Nov 30 2023

We have 3 environments, Dev, Test, Prod, with approximately 100 servers total and 6 different Orace middleware products; ODI being just 1.

We recently upgraded ALL of our Middleware to 12c and are now looking at our first post-upgrade patching cycle using the October 2023 CPU.

For ODI we have a very small footprint; 1 linux server per environment running the Linux ODI agent. We have 2 ODI developers and 3 middleware Admins, all of who would have ODI Studio installed on their Windows laptops.

My question is how do other companies handle this situation. I have patched the Linux ODI Dev server with the Oct 23 CPU patches. None of the ODI Studio clients have been patched. If I patch my ODI Studio client, then I can no longer use it to connect to Test or Prod. If we patch the ODI Studio client on either of the Developers machines, then they can no longer (Or should no longer) connect to Test or Prod.

I can't very well patch Dev, Test & Prod in the span of a few days….unless we patch ODI with a different approach than the rest of our middleware. Currently we patch ALL of Dev…then let it simmer and see if there are any issues. If not, then we patch all of the Test servers… and so on, thru Prod.

Oracle Support has implied that those of us who access ODI Studio should have a separate ODI Studo client install for each environment; ie I would need 3 version of ODI Studion client installed on my laptop, 1 for Dev, 1 for Test 1 for Prod.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Added on Nov 30 2023