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ODI LKM File to Oracle SQL Loader Failing at call sqlldr step


I am using LKM File to Oracle SQL Loader KM to load a source file in ODI. But its failing at call sql loader km step with below error.

SQL*Loader-704: Internal error: ulconnect: OCIServerAttach [0]
ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified

Its a standalone odi instance in Linux server with standalone ODI agent. I have installed Oracle Client to get sql loader utility. I have configured the system variables like Oracle Home, TNS_ADMIN variables and set the tnsnames.ora file in the network admin directory.

I am able to run the sql loader from command prompt successfully and load data. But from ODI its failing with above error.

If i take the command generated by the odi step and run it in linux terminal, it runs fine. Not sure whether I am missing any configuration in ODI.

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Added on Mar 14 2024