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ODI API & Groovy: Procedure Options in Package

mcoeneJul 12 2022

Hi all,
I am building some automation scripts in Groovy.
One is to automatically create some of the package we are using when integrating data.
One of the step in such a package is a procedure which has 1 option. In my Groovy script, I need to set this option, but when I look at my generated package, the procedure step always shows the default value for that option.
As a test, I tried adding another option using groovy code, but this new option is also not visible in the generated package.
What am I missing?
(Groovy code relevant to the question below)
procs = procf.findByName("Proc. Initialize CDC Controle Record")
for(proc in procs) {
if(proc.getName() == "Proc. Initialize CDC Controle Record")
{ procInitCDC = proc }

procInitCDC.addOption("CDC_TYPE", ProcedureOption.OptionType.valueOf("SHORT_TEXT"),"DERIVED")
procInitCDC.addOption("CDC_TYPE_TEST", ProcedureOption.OptionType.valueOf("SHORT_TEXT"),"DERIVED")
step03 = new StepProcedure(pack, procInitCDC, "Proc. Initialize CDC Controle Record")
// I even read the options in the StepProcedure and both options show up in the log just fine
pos = step03.getProcedureOptions()
for(po in pos) {
log.append(po.getName()+" "+po.getValue()+"\n")

This post has been answered by mcoene on Jul 13 2022
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