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ODI 12c Data Lineage Query with Source, Staging, Target table column details

Divya A RMar 15 2024 — edited Mar 18 2024

From the below query, I am able to get Mapping Name, target table name and Source column logic in the ODI12c Mapping.

Can you please sugggest modification for query to get Target column logic as well from this query?

select as Mapping_Name, t.table_name as Target_Table, me.txt as Source_Column

from dnogp2_bia_odirepo.SNP_MAP_EXPR me

inner join dnogp2_bia_odirepo.SNP_MAP_EXPR_REF mer on mer.I_OWNER_MAP_EXPR = me.I_MAP_EXPR

inner join dnogp2_bia_odirepo.SNP_MAP_CP mc on mer.I_SCOPING_MAP_CP = mc.I_MAP_CP

inner join dnogp2_bia_odirepo.SNP_MAP_COMP mcomp on mc.I_OWNER_MAP_COMP = mcomp.I_MAP_COMP

inner join dnogp2_bia_odirepo.snp_mapping m on m.i_mapping = mcomp.i_owner_mapping

inner join dnogp2_bia_odirepo.snp_map_ref mr on mcomp.i_map_ref = mr.i_map_ref

inner join dnogp2_bia_odirepo.snp_table t on mr.i_ref_id = t.i_table


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Added on Mar 15 2024
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