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ODI-10207: Uncategorized exception during transaction system usage.

user-nlpjwApr 13 2023 — edited Apr 13 2023


I am using ODI 12c in windows 11 and recently, this error appeared when I am using the Mapping. After creating a new mapp from Designer and drop the tables .... I save the new mapp with out any error ( for the first time). But if I open it again and change anything in the mapp ( even if I just move the table ) and resave the mapp... this error appear and it does not allow me to save any change. This problem also cause also all the old Mappes.

I removed all the Mappes and recreate a new one but nothing changed :(.

Please, if you have any hint that could solve this problem let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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Added on Apr 13 2023
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