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odacli update-server -v -sko ????

The ODA 19.6 Guide
Section 4, Apply the server update. For, use the -sko option with the odacli update-server command for successful patching of your deployment.
For example, for 19.6:
[root@oda1 opt]# /opt/oracle/dcs/bin/odacli update-server -v -sko

When I try that, I get:

Missing/invalid Arguments
Please refer usage: odacli update-server -h

I ran the "odacli create-prepatchreport -v -s -sko" successfully to eliminate the running of orachk, because it fails on both nodes.

Is -sko valid syntax? It is not shown in the output for "odacli update-server -h". If not how to skip orachk when updating the server?

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Added on Feb 1 2022
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