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OCI Free Tier Account Creation

Usman KhalilJan 18 2024

I am trying to do the Become an OCI Foundations Associate course but cant pass the firs module since the Cloud Account is not being created.

I have used 2 different cards, all cards got 2 EUR charged then still not refunded, but when i click to agreed and start i got
Error processing transaction:

It was not possible to complete your registration. Common registration errors occur because of: (a) Use of prepaid cards. Oracle only accepts credit and debit cards (b) Intentional or unintentional masking of location or identity information (c) Incomplete or incorrect account data entry. Please try again if this applies to you. Otherwise, contact Oracle Customer Support.

Tried with 2 physical credit cards. What is wrong with this ?

Who can solve this problem?

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Added on Jan 18 2024