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Obtain largest timespan where sum of values is below threshold

Dan Scott GuestAug 19 2010 — edited Aug 27 2010

For a set of hourly values, i'm trying to obtain the biggest time span, where the sum of the values is less than a threshold.

i.e. for this data:

31-JUL-3000 09.00.00 10
31-JUL-3000 12.00.00 100
31-JUL-3000 14.00.00 1
31-JUL-3000 18.00.00 1
31-JUL-3000 20.30.00 1
31-JUL-3000 22.00.00 10
01-AUG-3000 02.00.00 10

The output would be in a form like:
first_entry, last_entry, total, number_of_entries

e.g. threshold '9':
31-JUL-3000 14.00.00, 31-JUL-3000 20.30.00, 3, 3

threshold '14' would give:
31-JUL-3000 14.00.00, 31-JUL-3000 22.00.00, 13, 4

I don't think I can easily use an analytic function, because I need the window to be the sum of the data. I could write new code for each window size that I'd like to check, but this feels messy. I could also use a subquery to calculate the totals for all windows, but that will become very large, very quickly.

I'm guessing that I might have to use the MODEL clause - does anyone have any suggestions for how to get started? I'm using Oracle 11gR2.


Dan Scott
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