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Obiee Report Narrative View

Rookie_86Oct 19 2012 — edited Oct 19 2012
Hi Experts,


I have couple of prompts and a report with 4 columns.

Report: Store Id, Store Name, Latitude, Longitude.

Based on my prompts - i was able to view data.

Example: State = Newyork (Prompt)

Report now, generates - 50 records.

And, i'm passing the same information or able to view the same store locations on map (All the 50 stores on Map).

But, my user requested to show only 10 records. when click on 2nd page show next 10 records.

so, in table view - i said "Rows to display = 10"

So, now table view shows 10 records intially, when click on next page it shows records from 11-20, 21-30,31-40, 41-50. If clicked directly on all pages it shows all records.

But, here even though my table view is showing 10 records.

Number of records or no. of stores showed in map are 50.

So, i would like to control the data shown in map based on page navigation in table view. How could i do this.