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OBIEE: issue on *.rpd file deploy in production environment

Arnaldo MaccaroneDec 3 2008 — edited Dec 19 2008
I would like to make the deploy of the *.rpd file less cumbersome.

Presently, I develop my metadata in a development environment, where I have Administrator credentials.
I cannot obtain neither OBIEE administrator credentials in production environment, neither unix account on the AS machine, due to corporate security policies.

Because of that, I send the rpd file to the guys of production environment.
But, at this point they need to:
- change the administrator password (which is encoded inside rpd)
- change the properties of the connection pool (which are encoded in *rpd too, and obviously point towards a different target)

This process is complicated and leads to errors and misunderstandings.

Is there any way to produce a "general purpose" rpd file, which is portable in both environments?

AFAIK, while normal users' credentials can be stored in an external table, administrator's ones MUST reside inside the *.rpd.
Also, connection's properties, cannot apparently moved out of the *rpd itself.

Thank everybody in advance for kind help