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OBIEE bypasses smaller aggregate table and queries largest aggregate table

707402Aug 19 2009 — edited Aug 31 2009
Currently we are experiencing something strange regarding queries that are generated.

We have 1 detail table and 3 aggregate tables in the RPD. For this scenario I will only refer to 2 of the Aggregates.

Aggregate 1 (1 million rows):
Contains data - Division, Sales Rep, Month, Sales

Aggregate 2 (13 milliion rows):
Contains data - Division, Product, Month, Sales

Both tables are set at the appropriate dimension levels in the Business Model. Row counts have been updated in the physical layer in the RPD.

When we create an answers query that contains Division, Month and Sales, one would think that OBIEE would query the smaller and faster of the two tables. However, obiee wants to query the table with 13 million records completely bypassing the smaller table. If we make the larger aggregate inactive, then OBIEE queries the smaller table. We can't figure out why OBIEE wants to immediately go to the larger table.

Has anyone experienced something such as this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edited by: gwb on Aug 19, 2009 7:45 AM
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