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OBIEE Administrator tool will not start (

652793Sep 16 2008 — edited Dec 3 2008

I have recently attempted an upgrade from to I have found that the installer runs normally but the newly installed Administrator executable does not start.

* The AdminTool.exe file will not start
* The app appears on the task list for half a second then disappears
* There is no error message. No entry in the logs (OBIEE, windows application or system logs)

I have carried out the following attempts at a fix.

* Re-run the installer (restart and check)
* De-install OBIEE and reinstall (restart and check)
* Deinstall Java and reinstall Java and OBIEE (restart and check)
* De-install .NET and reinstall using the OBIEE installer
* De-install OBIEE and install OBIEE - I get the same problem now with

My current position is that I have lost the ability to open The Administrator tool. Both version behave the same and I have no error or other means to diagnose the problem.

Any one out there had the same issue or can suggest a way forward ?


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