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OATS configuration file

55823859-5de9-4651-9142-fa60e1cf220fJun 12 2018 — edited Jun 12 2018

We are looking to add dynatrace - aqa monitoring but we dont know what configuration file we can modify to monitor the application.

We have tried this method but have not been sucessfull. Any ideas:

If you do decide to do some instrumentation then they would like you to keep in mind:  1.) the installation it will be an "unsupportable" configuration and if any issue comes up the instrumentation will have to be removed before any troubleshooting effort can begin.  & 2.) since it is an unsupportable environment you could be at risk of making business decisions based on false or misleading data resulting from your load testing (local bottlenecks due to monitoring overhead)

That said, the only configuration file that seems to be applicable is the installSvc.bat  file that creates the Windows service. The bat file is in the bin folder under the installation directory.  There are entries there to edit the JAVA_OPTIONS. Otherwise, you can go into the registry and edit the service there ... again, proceed at your own risk

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