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OAM 12c Session lifetime and Idle session timeout

user8744020Jan 5 2021 — edited Jan 8 2021

We are currently on OAM
I have few queries regarding Max sessions per user, Session lifetime and Idle session timeout settings in the OAM Common settings page.
We use OAM as an IdP and use SAML federation. Our current settings are
Max sessions per user =10
Session lifetime=720 minutes
Idle session timeout=720 minutes
Now, few of the users are reaching max session count of 20 and not able to login/create any new sessions.
Questions :

  1. How the max sessions get reached, if the user tries to access the different applications in a SSO environment ?
    -- if i open app1--> browser window1, app2-->browser window2, app3 -->browser window3; does this count as 3 sessions for the user or only 1 as it's a SSO for all the 3 apps.
  2. If the user closes the browser, does the session gets killed ?
  3. If the user opens a new browser immediately after closing the browser, does a new session get created ?
  4. Is there something that i have to educate/tell users going forward so that max session scenario doesn’t happen again?
  5. In a federated login, can we get details of what Service provider or URL the user has tried to access ?
  6. If we don't delete the sessions from OAM, when will the 10 sessions get expired so that the user can log in again ?
    Any inputs would be appreciated on this .
    Any other scenarios/questions that you have faced would be helpful for me to educate users and also answer questions raised by management.
    Thanks in advance.
This post has been answered by Sandeep Kumar sk on Jan 8 2021
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Added on Jan 5 2021