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Notice - Workaround for connecting to NoSQL DB using the SQL Developer 4.0.3 and Beyond

Anand Chandak-OracleOct 24 2016 — edited Oct 24 2016

Some of our forum members have faced issues while trying to connect to No-SQL DB Server from SQL Developer V 4.0.3 and beyond ( Not applicable to SQL Developer Early Adopter V 4.2).  It appears, there's a problem with the version of NoSQL DB client drivers that are shipped with the SQL Developer - the drivers haven't caught up. While, we are working to get that fixed and make it available to our users, here's the suggested workaround to unblock our users :

  1. Download SQL Developer Version 4.1.5 from here. (Of-course, if already are on version 4.1.5, then you can ignore this step)
  2. Depending on the No-SQL Server version you are using, download the kv client drivers. For e.g driver for 4.0.9 are available here  and  the drivers for version 4.2.10 are available here
  3. Unzip or Untar the kv-client-<version> file
  4. Copy kvclient.jar file from <Path to the unzipped kv-client-version file >\lib\
  5. Replace the kvclient.jar from SQL Developer  at location <sqldeveloper_home>\sqldeveloper\lib with the one copied from step #4 above.
  6. Restart SQL Developer

Please Note, the above steps are not applicable to SQL Developer Early Adopter  V 4.2 for which currently there's no good workaround, you'd be better off trying with V 4.1.5 if you want to connect to NoSQL DB and follow the above steps.

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Added on Oct 24 2016