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Not able to use OEP defined datasources

Olivier Dubois - OscarsAug 8 2014 — edited Sep 3 2014

Hi OEP Team,

I migrated my project 11g in 12c SOA and JDev with success, but I can't connect database using my datasource











            <test-table-name>SQL SELECT 1 FROM DUAL</test-table-name>





















When using

    Context initialContext = new InitialContext ();       


            Object obj  = initialContext.lookup ("DsGIPCore");                         

    //gets the data source from context

    DataSource ds = (javax.sql.DataSource)obj;

I get this "javax.naming.NameNotFoundException; remaining name DsGIPCore"

I also tried with @Resource like described in docs but nothing works. My datasource is valid and working rightly. It appears without any errors in my WLEVS/OEP dashboard.

This code was working with OEP 11G, did you change anything to access OEP datasource? I need it.

It seems that datasource is right when using standard bean/table cache.



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