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Not able to see AnalyticsWeb in ODBC DataSource Administratr's "System DSN"

711424Dec 21 2009
Hi all,

I have deployed OBIEE in cluster mode on two machines.
We have deployed all the components on both the machines.
Now while configuring the BI Odbc Data Sources for communication with BI cluster. I am not able to see BI Server in driver's list nor the AnalyticsWeb in the system dsn in 'ODBC DataSource Administrator'.

I have done the installation with a domain user that has Administrator priviledges on the system.
When i log into the Admin tool and connect to the repository, i do see 'AnalyticsWeb' there and i am able to log into the rpd using that.

What could be the reason for this. kindly suggest the reason for this weird behaviour and how to over come this.
kinldy guide as early as possible.

thanks and regards