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Not able to generate ddl table,columns with data types into xml

User_D7D8ZMay 9 2021 — edited May 10 2021

Hi All,
I am looking to generate the XML using the dbms metadata ppackage.The XML elements should contain table name,columns with respective data types and constraints alone instead of having entire table information in XML file .The lines of the XML contains 600lines where it contains all the metadata information about the table .I would like to apply filter option for the package below and to get the elements like table name, columns with respective data types and constraints only and not other information in XML.
select dbms_metadata.get_xml('TABLE','test123','schema') from dual .
I would like to pass arguments which should give me table name, column list with data types and constraints and schema name alone in XML file.
From the generated ddl XML file, I will create avro schema using python from my end .

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Added on May 9 2021