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Not able to configure reporsitory and create a project in Oracle SQL Developer 19.1 Data Mining opti

User_LR2NASep 23 2019

While configuring Oracle SQL Developer 19.1 and Oracle 18c for data Mining I am facing a small difficulty which stopping me from making further progress.

After adding dmuser(I have set dmuser correctly as per instructions in manual) and right click to create project. I will be getting below screen to log in with SYS user

[This database does not have the Data Miner repository installed.

Would you like to install the repository?

You will be prompted to authenticate as a database administrator to perform this task.]

When I click on Yes then It will ask for keying SYS password. When I provide correct password for SYS user

ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

I am not sure in spite of giving correct user why it is showing invalid username. I need some guidance on this how to proceed or if I am making any mistake.

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Added on Sep 23 2019