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Not able to change theme style in Universal theme apex 19.2

gkthomasMar 26 2021 — edited Mar 26 2021

I am working for a client. The original application was built in Apex version 5 . We upgraded the database to 19c and apex application to 19.2 . I changed the theme to universal theme and rearranging the regions and items. Now when I am trying change the color of body and navigation using theme roller and trying to save as a new theme style (ex: vita -current--> Cust Vita ) . it looks like it is saved. but the new name is not coming in the style list. I checked the theme property and is not read only . What I am doing wrong ?
I checked the chrome console , and I am getting this error in console when saving the theme
desktop_all.min.js?v= POST http:domain/vmdbx/wwv_flow.ajax 500 (Internal Server Error)
Any idea ?
Database 19C
Apex 19.2
Browser : Chrome

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Added on Mar 26 2021
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