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node-oracledb 1.5 is available

Christopher Jones-OracleJan 6 2016 — edited Jan 6 2016

node-oracledb 1.5  has been released.  CLOB users will want to upgrade.

Release details are at:

  - Treat Oracle Database 'Success With Info' warnings as success.

  - Extend rollback-on-connection-release with 11g Oracle Clients to occur for all non-query executions. (Not needed with 12c clients).

  - Updated OS X install instructions to work on El Capitan.

  - Display an error and prevent connection release while database calls are in progress.

  - Fixed intermittent crash while selecting data from CLOB column.

  - Fixed crash when trying to set invalid values for connection properties.

Install from

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Added on Jan 6 2016