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node.js | oracledb - Query Help

78ee2038-e7be-4a6d-9340-c1cb73eeffa7Dec 21 2016 — edited Dec 22 2016

Hello All.

I needed to reach out for some help with the oracledb module for node.js. I'm attempting to pass in dynamic variables to bind variables using a form. I'm trying to test my setup and need to see the final SQL query string. I've been reading the documentation for the module, but haven't found what I needed.

Can someone help me understand how to console.log the complete execution query with bind variables in place?

For example, "SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME WHERE IDENTIFIER = :first_name", ["John"]

I'd like to see the final query to prove my bind variable is working. So it should end up looking like... "SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME WHERE IDENTIFIER = 'John'"

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Added on Dec 21 2016
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