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NoClassDefFound defies -target1.1 fix

843807Sep 23 2002 — edited Sep 25 2002
I have created a library of beans used to build a series of applets. While they work fine on newer browsers, I must support some pretty old stuff. On the older browsers, I get an error when loading some of the classes that recieve action events. A typical message is as follows:

# Verifier error binarylabs/mankiw/equation/MXEquation.sliderValueChanged(Ljava/awt/event/ActionEvent;)V: Cannot find class java/awt/event/ActionEvent

Where, obviously, sliderValueChanged is a method that takes an ActionEvent as an argument. I assume the L before the class name is an indication that a reference is being passed.

On at least some of the machines, I have checked the VM's class files and have verified that ActionEvent is there. I have confirmed that it is not being loaded by looking at the memory map.

I had been getting other errors before I used -target 1.1 in the javac command, so I am confident that that is working correctly. However, just to be sure, I downloaded the jdk 1.1.8 sdk and compiled my classes with that instead, and I continue to get the same error.

I then tried -target 1.1.2 in my 1.4.1 compiler but it did not accept that argument at all and did not compile.

Am I barking up the wrong tree here? The fact that I can verify that ActionEvent is on the target machine but it won't load is driving me nuts. My next step will be to use the jar files from one of these old browsers instead of the jdk classpath when I do a build, on the assumption that the signature of the class has changed during the evolution of the 1.1 JDK.

I appreciate any help I can get on this one!

Jerry Seeger
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