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No Results when Filter - Essbase OBIEE

635700Dec 25 2009 — edited Jan 4 2010

We have created a repository using Oracle Business Intelligence and Essbase 11.1.1.

The cube contains 5 dimensions.

When we create a Chart using Answers and filter the results (not shown in the columns) we do not get the results as it gives following No records found.

No Results
The specified criteria didn't result in any data. This is often caused by applying filters that are too restrictive or that contain incorrect values. Please check your Request Filters and try again. The filters currently being applied are shown below.

But If we change the criteria to show the filtered columns it shows the results in Table view and Chart.

*With Column = 3 Records
SELECT "Year"."Gen2,Year" saw_0, Product."Gen2,Product" saw_1, Deposit.Balance saw_2 FROM "Deposit#1" WHERE "Year"."Gen2,Year" = '2009' ORDER BY saw_0, saw_1

*WithOut = No Recors
SELECT Product."Gen2,Product" saw_0, Deposit.Balance saw_1 FROM "Deposit#1" WHERE "Year"."Gen2,Year" = '2009' ORDER BY saw_0

Any Reason for this matter? Since we used the same Cube on older version of OBIEE, it was working fine.