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Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)


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No IP address returned for the host. error.

Eslam_ElbyalyJul 26 2021 — edited Jul 26 2021

Hi, I am using Oracle db 18c XE, with windows 7 x64.
When I try to setup the database, after some time, after the wizard has displayed "configuring Oracle Software" or something, the universal installer rolls back everything and a screen says "Setup finished with errors". I opened the log files in ......cfgtoollogs> netca folder. One of them is called netca_OraDB18Home...... . At the end of the file, it says "Oracle net service configuration failed. The exit code is 1". The other file is "trace_OraDB18Home....." and at the end it says, "No IP address returned for the host". What could be the reason for the setup not finishing?

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Added on Jul 26 2021