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No Hover behavior for Custom components?

Venkata Rahul SApr 28 2022

I created a custom component with a oj-list-view inside its structure.

The list renders fine but I am not seeing the same hover behavior for the rows of the list as I do in the cookbook.
I checked the css in the cook book but there could not quite see how the hover behavior is originating for a list outside a Custom component. So the conclusion is perhaps that for oj-list-view used directly through the index.html, the behavior does not differ so much.
But for a custom component, I believe the .root descriptor is different. This may be explaining why the list item styling does not change on mous hover.
But again, another observation is that I used a oj-web-applayout-header class for one of the elements and it works perfectly (sticks to the bottom of the screen).
The question now is, can oj-list-view or other standard componets used inside custom components reuse the style declarations from the redwood.css of the SPA (which gets injected at build time)? Or do I need to do some import for the specific component styles with the procedure mentioned in 4b of this page from the dev guide?

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Added on Apr 28 2022