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No checksum provided error when using Classic report's download link

DannyS-OracleMar 28 2018

Hi everyone,

I have a classic report on my application page, and I provide the Download link to export CSV file from the Classic Report's Search Result template. Unfortunately, since I updated my application's security attribute to enforce Session State Protection, the download link does not work and will throw 'No checksum provided ...' error when clicked.

Here is the snippet of the download link provided by the Classic Report's Search Result template:


<table class="t-Report-pagination" role="presentation">#PAGINATION#</table>

<div id="export-link">#EXTERNAL_LINK##CSV_LINK#</div>


Is there a way to modify the link to include the checksum? If so, how to do it? I am using Apex v5.1.

Thank you in advance,


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