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NID tool hangs

User_1KNAVNov 25 2020 — edited Nov 25 2020

Hi team!
I have problem with NID tool, i have executed nid TARGET=SYS/test@DEV in our dev environment. Database is in mount state before i executed nid.
And it lists all database files with " - dbid changed " and it sopped on control file with same message near name.

DBNEWID: Release - Production on Wed Nov 25 15:37:01 2020

Copyright (c) 1982, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved.

Connected to database DEV (DBID=61663411)

Connected to server version 10.2.0

Control Files in database:

Change database ID of database DEV? (Y/[N]) => y
Changing database ID from 61665847 to 4135760874
Proceeding with operation
Datafile /data/oracle/DEV/db/a_txn_ind05.dbf - dbid changed
Datafile /data/oracle/DEV/db/a_ref02.dbf - dbid changed
Datafile /data/oracle/DEV/db/temp01.dbf - dbid changed
Control data/db/oracle/DEV/db/10.2.0/dbs/cntrlDEV.dbf - dbid changed
Database is big, but im not sure how long nid tool does DBID changes approximately? Currently im waiting hour and half to finish, and still waiting...
Any ideas?
Thank you

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Added on Nov 25 2020