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NFS performance

RobeenMay 12 2021 — edited May 12 2021

Target: Centos 7.8 (core)
App: Striim

Hello Team,

I have mounted an NFS shared drive on CentOS where Striim is running. The NFS drive is on ZFS storage. I have configured several pipelines on Striim (Filereader to Kudu) where these pipelines will read files from the NFS Filesystem.

I notice the VM becomes very slow expecially when reading .gz files. CPU usage becomes high.

I have checked the network bandwidth on Zabbix and it is indeed very high.
Capture.PNG (62.09 KB)
Iftop command also shows the NFS having high read/write.

How can we solve this?

The shared NFS is located on another Datacentre. Should we change the switch?
mount <IP>:/export/cdr2/data /data2

What does the <IP> mea? I see it is different from the server IP where this FS is originally mounted.
Can you please explain the concept of shares?


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Added on May 12 2021