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Newbie: What version of WL is needed to use the experimental WL plugins?

Kevin KnoxMay 7 2012 — edited May 8 2012
I've successfully installed and connected to 10.3.5 on jrockit r28, but am having trouble with 10.3.2 on r28. The WLDFDiagnosticVolume property is not available on the managed nodes, for example. I'm able to connect to 10.3.2 and see the JRockit JMX counters just fine, but I'm looking for the WebLogic WLDF JDBC counters in particular. They're not there. Is there a workaround for different versions of WL?

And for kickers, my JR Mission Control installation seems to have developed some bit-rust, too. I was able to run "Help\Install Plug-ins... (Unsupported)" once and installed all sorts of stuff. Now, however, it won't work. It complains there are no features on the selected site and tells me to choose another one.

Thanks for any guidance, including working links to help docs. :-)
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