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Newbie: Mobile server and Oracle DB must be on same server?

justatestSep 22 2008 — edited Sep 25 2008
Hello Forum...

I'm having problems installing mobile server (ver.

First, I tried installing within an OAS instance (ver. - I couldn't set the password of the mobile server oc4j account in the enterprise manager of the application server, and got stuck there. Also, I couldn't login to webtogo as the mobile server admin.

Secondly, I installed the mobile server standalone but when I launch the "runmobileserver.bat" I get the following error:

08/09/22 12:54:21 log9: Connect As: MOBILEADMIN
08/09/22 12:54:21 log9: Mobile Server ID not found, Failed to register.
08/09/22 12:54:21 log9: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Like the previous time, I couldn't login to webtogo as the mobile server admin. [OS: windows 2003 enterprise in both cases]

I've been told by my dba that Oracle mobileserver will only work if it's installed on the same server as the back-end database. Is that true?

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