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New version available: 21.8.0 - Patch release

Christian.Shay -OracleOct 31 2023 — edited Jan 9 2024

Version 21.8.0 is now available. Please try it out!

This patch release contains primarily bug fixes and a few small features:

  • "Test Connection" button added to connection dialogs
  • Linux support for Secure External Password Store (SEPS)
  • Fixed "Invalid Username/Password" (ORA-1017) password verifier issue
  • Database Explorer "Describe" menu item now shows default value and comments when available

Version 21.7.1 was our last major release.

Here's the new features available in 21.7.1 and later:

  • Real Time SQL Monitoring: View monitored SQL, view and save SQL Monitor Active Reports, generate an Active Report for ad hoc SQL
  • Filters: Connection level filter and other usability improvements
  • Query results grid: Copy and Save now allow user to select one or more columns
  • Title casing option for autocompletion and formatter


  • Formatter bug fixes
  • Improved Secure External Password Store (SEPS) connectivity including a new checkbox in the connection dialog
  • IntelliSense performance and memory usage improvement
  • SQL execution performance improvements

Please try it out and start a new thread here on the forum to let us know what you think..

I also look forward to hear what you would like to see in the coming releases…


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