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Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code

New version: 21.5.0 with Default Connections, Login scripts, SQL and PL/SQL Formatter

Christian.Shay -OracleSep 10 2022 — edited Sep 10 2022

Hi everyone!
I am happy to announce that we have just released a new version of Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code (version 21.5.0). Please try it out and give us your feedback by starting a thread here in the forum. Be sure to also let us know what features you would like to see in future releases. Community feedback determines which features we work on next.
Highlights of this release include:
Default Oracle Explorer database connection can be selected for use when running SQL scripts. This is useful when opening folders containing many SQL scripts
Login script can be run each time a connection is established. This could be used to alter session settings to modify NLS parameters, etc. You can set the script to run for all connections, and you can define scripts that run with specific connections.
SQL and PL/SQL formatter with configurable settings
Toolbar icons for Execute, Execute All, Format SQL, Formatter Settings, and Refresh Intellisense.
Create walletless connections to Oracle Autonomous Database
Get connection strings to connect to Oracle Autonomous Database
Update network access control list (ACL) for Oracle Autonomous Database
Additional features include:
CodeLens support for Go to References/Find All References for PL/SQL Code objects opened from an Oracle Explorer connection
Code folding improvements
Improved IntelliSense (auto complete) suggestions for SQL and PL/SQL statements
Improved efficiency of the database connection used by IntelliSense
Connection dialog and database installation help pages
.NET Runtime is now automatically installed if no compatible runtime is currently installed
Please note that this release will cause the extension .NET Install Tool for Extension Authors to be installed. This Microsoft extension does the work of making sure a compatible .NET runtime is installed on the system. (Compatible versions with this release are 6.0 and 3.1).
Make sure you are on Visual Studio Code version 1.51.1 or later. You can check the version by using the Help->About menu item. To upgrade select Help->Check for Updates. Older VS Code versions will not see this 21.5.0 update in the Marketplace.
Check out the quickstart to get started and for more details on these feature enhancements:
Getting Started with Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code (0 Bytes)I am looking forward to hearing your feedback! Please do let us hear your voice.

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