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Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code

New Release: 19.3.3. Lots of features! Try it out and let us know what you think

Christian.Shay -OracleOct 1 2020 — edited Oct 8 2020

Please let me know what you think.
We have added SQL*Plus support. See these web pages:
SQL*Plus common commands:
SQL*Plus Reference:
More features from the changelog:
Changes in version 19.3.3
Connection Dialog enhancements: Set/Change the current schema, improved proxy user connection UI
Improved connection failure detection with an option to reconnect
Support for macOS connections to Oracle Autonomous Database over TLS
Support for database connections using LDAP
Browse other schemas ("Other Users" node) in Oracle Explorer tree control
SQL History and Bookmarks
Limited SQL*Plus support
Detection and warning of unsupported SQL*Plus commands in scripts (and child scripts)
SQL*Plus CONNECT command associates the file with a connection
Preservation of all session associated properties from execution to execution
Autocommit On/Off setting
Autocompletion of SQL*Plus commands
Autocompletion of procedure/function parameters
Intellisense/Autocomplete performance enhancements
Syntax coloring for SQL and PL/SQL keywords and SQL*Plus commands/variables
Append new results to existing results window
Toolbar buttons to cancel running query and to clear results window
Setting to automatically clear results window after each execution
Remember previous selections in some UI elements and offer as defaults
Support for REFCURSOR variables and implicit cursors
Visual Studio Code theme support for Light/Dark/High Contrast themes

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