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new ORDS3.0 install under tomcat; catalina.out still references running ORDS 2.0x

user874435Feb 2 2017

Hello.  We are running Oracle REST Data Services version : under tomcat 7 on 2 of our contexts.

and I have tried to just install/configure ORDS 3.0 on one of my contexts just to test it out. I believe it is working, however, when I stop/start tomcat and look in the catalina.out file, it is still referencing using

INFO: Oracle REST Data Services initialized

Oracle REST Data Services version :

Oracle REST Data Services server info: Apache Tomcat/7.0.56

Does this mean that my 3.0 ORDS is not installed correctly? I have done a

java -jar <war> validate on the 3.0 .war and it comes back and says it is 3.0...

java -jar cdoselect.war validate

Enter the name of the database server []:

Enter the database listen port [1521]:

Enter the database SID [cdodev2]:

Please login with SYSDBA privileges to verify Oracle REST Data Services schema.

Enter the username with SYSDBA privileges to verify the installation [SYS]:

Enter the database password for SYS:

Confirm password:

Oracle REST Data Services will be validated.

Validating Oracle REST Data Services schema version

... Log file written to <dir>/ords_validate_core_2017-02-02_122903_00845.log

Completed validating Oracle REST Data Services version  Elapsed time: 00:00:04.246

when I do the same command on my 2.0 ORDS context, it comes back with a syntax error.

Why does the catalina.out not report that is running 3.0?


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Added on Feb 2 2017