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Network connections in CLOSE_WAIT state after Qualys scans

crislvJan 15 2024

Hello.. we upgraded our product Java JRE from 8u321 to 8u361 and suddenly, Qualys scans triggered such large numbers of network connections in CLOSE_WAIT state, on the JBoss / Wildfly web UI port, that the web UI became inaccessible.

When we roll back the JRE to 8u321, the problem does not occur any longer.

I think I traced a change in the low level network handling to release 8u341 (not sure but it is not that important).

We also tried the latest Java 8 release 8u391 (and a few in between) and the problem is still there.

Does this ring a bell for anybody ?

Is there a Java developer forum I could join and ask about this anywhere ?

Thanks much


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Added on Jan 15 2024