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NetSuite custom payment integration

Ashwaq AlharbiApr 1 2024

Dear Oracle Community,

I'm currently facing some challenges with a custom payment integration project and would greatly appreciate your insights and expertise on the matter.

I'm working on integrating Netsuite with the ClickPay payment gateway, and I've encountered some difficulties along the way. Specifically, I've written a user event script aimed at sending sale object data to request payment from ClickPay. The objective is to have the redirect URL from ClickPay displayed as the payment link and QR code on the invoice.

I've associated this script with consolidated invoices in Netsuite, but I'm unsure about how to proceed further to ensure that the redirect URL serves as the payment link.

Additionally, I've noticed that there's an existing payment link setup in the commerce section, and I'm wondering how I can disable it to utilize the redirect URL effectively as the payment link.

Any guidance, tips, or suggestions you can offer would be immensely helpful. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Warm regards,
Ashwaq Alharbi

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Added on Apr 1 2024