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Neither JMX nor JNDI seems working with OEP 12.1.3 (regression ?)

RenatoPrimaveraMar 17 2015 — edited Mar 17 2015


I'm currently writing an OEP application, on the 12.1.3 version.

My first problem is related to JMX: when OEP is started, I cannot connect in JMX:

  1. I lanch "OEP_HOME/oep/bin/wlevsjconsole.cmd"
  2. I use the following URL "service:jmx:msarmi://localhost:9002/jndi/jmxconnector" with user "wlevs" and my pwd
  3. Impossible to connect...

My second problem is related to JNDI resource access:

  1. I add an "data-source" with its "data-source-params/jndi-names/element" in the OEP domain's config.xml file
  2. I start my OEP (with or without security disbaled, it doesn't change nothing)
  3. I try to access programmatically the JNDI resource (using the InitialContext lookup method with no prefix, with "java:comp/env/jdbc/", with "java:jdbc/, with "jdbc/") but I always get a NameNotFoundException.
  4. I try to list programmatically the JNDI resources using the list("") but I get a NoPermissionException.

I'm not 100% sure, but it seems to me that these things were working with the 11 version of OEP. Could these be regressions ?

Thx for any help or advice on this.


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