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Need to verify steps on restoring Planning application from backups

886093Jun 25 2014 — edited Jun 26 2014

Dear Planning users,

We are having Classic Planning application built on I have a situation where I have to restore our PROD planning application's both data and meta data from backups as of June first week. Our users had deleted few members and they want to get back to old data along with the deleted members.

We hold two versions of Essbase backups on day to day. 1. Data export 2. Folder level backups on application level.

Now, if I restore just the Essbase app folder level data backups to required date, I would miss out the planning meta data for that date and guess my planning application would be totally out of sync. So just essbase level restoration doesn't help me.

So, can I get Hyperion Planning DB backup for the same date and sync on both DB and Essbase levels to have complete restoration?

I am planning to first verify this on DEV and then try it on PROD environment.

Also, as this restoration is going to happen on my existing planning application setup, do I still take care of registering on shared services, etc?

Can you verify this process and advice for anything if I have missed out? Thanks.



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