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Need to move DB to new server

user-3fkzeNov 10 2023

Hi all, my name is Kyle and I am an IT manager of a small energy company and we utilize oracle for our metering software on the backend. I have inherited an Oracle 11g server running on Windows Server 2012 and due to security updates stopping for Server 2012 I would like to get this server moved to a newer OS server, server 2019. I am wondering if someone can help give me loose instructions for getting this server moved over to a new host. I have purchased courses on Udemy for Oracle 11 and have not had the success I am looking for. Most of the instruction sets out on Youtube or the internet are tailored for a linux distro. I am going to list the things I have tried so far. I have two servers in this scenario, we will call them Server1 which is where the current oracle production database is and server2 which is the 2019 server where I would like Oracle to end up. The current production database appears to be running oracle 11 Standard edition.

I have the ability to take the DB offline so that there are no changes during backup, effectively doing a “Cold” backup I believe is the correct terminology. Then my confusion comes from re-building oracle on the new server. I can transfer my .dbf files, my control files etc through the network but rebuilding the database from those files is unclear.

If I install just the database software and don't create a database upon installation I can never connect using sqlplus.exe. and if I run a lsnrctl.exe status I only see the ClrExtProc and the status is UNKNOWN so it won't accept any connection's and I can't start the database in nomount mode like my instructions are asking me to.

so I guess my question is on Server2, do I do the installation and create a default database and then create a database with the same name as the one on Server1 or do I make it something unique and create my production database some other way?

Is there a way for me to take an RMAN backup, transfer the files using the network, and then rebuild the server on server2 somehow? I welcome any advice at this point.

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Added on Nov 10 2023