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Need to combine SQLJ and BC4J!!

165891Jan 18 2002
I am using JDeveloper 3.2.2 to develop an application (the development started 1 year ago with JDev 3.0), and I use BC4J to access the database. But before we started to use BC4J we worked with an application that used SQLJ and sqlj-context to connect to the database.
Also, we sometimes need to go directly yo the database by SQLJ. So, now we have written a transactionhandler
of our own, that uses BC4J, our old application (with it's transaction based on SQLJ) and SQLJ directely.

Now I want to combine these 3, and can do so, if there is any way to retrieve an SQLJ-context from an BC4J-transaction. Then I could use it to connect to the db directely with SQLJ, and I could tell our old application to use it when it communicates with the DB.

So, I am looking for something like this:

// CLASS: DbContext.sqlj

#sql public context DbContext;

And then use this in my code like this:

DbContext ctx = applicationModule.getTransaction().getContext();

Then I could do this:

#sql[ctx] { .....}

in the same db-transaction as all my BC4J-actions.

So, it would help us out quite a bit.

Magnus Edeveg
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