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Need some help with the String method

993288Oct 2 2013 — edited Oct 23 2013


I have been running a program for months now that I wrote that splits strings and evaluates the resulting split. I have a field only object (OrderDetail) that the values in the resulting array of strings from the split holds.Today, I was getting an array out of bounds exception on a split. I have not changed the code and from I can tell the structure of the message has not changed. The string is comma delimited. When I count the commas there are 26, which is expected, however, the split is not coming up with the same number.

Here is the code I used and the counter I created to count the commas:

public OrderDetail stringParse(String ord)


OrderDetail returnOD = new OrderDetail();

int commas = 0;

  for( int i=0; i < ord.length(); i++ )


    if(ord.charAt(i) == ',')





  String[] ordSplit = ord.split(",");

  System.out.println("delims: " + ordSplit.length + "  commas: " + commas + "  "+ ordSplit[0] + "  " + ordSplit[1] + "  " + ordSplit[2] + "  " + ordSplit[5]);



The rest of the method just assigns values to fields OrderDetail returnOD.

Here is the offending string (XXX's replace characters to hide private info)


For this particular string, ordSplit.length = 24 and commas = 26.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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