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Need Help with SQL Developer Error Line Number Identification in View

636768Dec 21 2023 — edited Jan 13 2024

I'm working with a DDL script to create a view in Oracle SQL Developer. When I execute it in a worksheet, I encounter a "Table/view does not exist" error. I understand this might be due to a missing grant or similar issue.

My question is: Is there a way for SQL Developer to show or highlight the exact line number where the error is occurring? This feature would be really helpful in debugging.

Additionally, I've tried creating the view through the Connection tree (schema -> View -> right-click -> New View/ Create Simple), but this method requires entering the view name and select statement separately. I want to execute my entire script as is and identify the precise line number of any errors.

As an edit, I also attempted using the "Create View" utility. After pasting my select statement and clicking "Test" or "Check Syntax," I received a "Syntax Error at line 115" message. However, the utility doesn't display line numbers, which makes it challenging to locate the error.

If anyone has a solution or can offer guidance on how to resolve this issue, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Best Regards

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Added on Dec 21 2023