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Need help on reports via web services

Dennis van ReijnMar 20 2018 — edited Mar 28 2018

Hello everybody,

I need some help on reports that are available via the web services from OPA. I've been reading the documentation. The differences are explained there, but it's still a little bit vague to me. I hope someone can clarify it a bit for me.

From what I understood; when using one of Oracle Policy Automation it’s web services, Oracle Policy Automation distinguishes two types of reports after a ‘output’ was generated:

  • Audit report
    An audit report is a structured list with full detail of reasons about how the value of the attribute was determined. This report is available when using the Answer Service from OPA.

  • Decision report
    When using the Assess Service, the decision report for an attribute can be configured to show either the full reasoning (similar to an audit report) or an explanation. An explanation allows you to display the decision report to the end user (based upon a goal), while filtering out information that may be too detailed for their purposes.

So, what is the difference between these two or actually three? Is there anyone here who has experience with these reports?

It would help if someone can anyone provide me with:

  • An example of an audit report.
  • Two examples of the decision reports:
    • The full reasoning version.
    • The explanation version.

And does anyone knows how much configuration work needs to be done for the decision report if you want to filter out details? Or is this done automatically?

Thanks a lot for the help in advance.

Kind regards,

Dennis van Reijn

This post has been answered by Davin Fifield-Oracle on Mar 25 2018
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