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MySQL InnoDB Cluster Topology

user619241Jul 14 2020 — edited Jul 15 2020


I have a few unclear concepts regarding MySQL InnoDB Cluster Topology to be deployed into our environment. The attachment is obtained from "MySQL InnoDB Cluster & MySQL Group Replication In a Nutshell Hands-On Tutorial". It was in 2017. I'm not clear what Mp symbol stands for. Is it referring to a Primary Master?

Can anybody explain to me the following concept?

  • Is Primary Master in a Cluster a Read Write Compute Instance?
  • Is Secondary Master in a Cluster a Read Only Compute Instance?
  • Is Slave a Compute Instance to replicate from any of Masters regardless Primary or Secondary?
  • Is a Cluster Node a Compute Instance holding one or more mysqld processes? (Typically just one mysqld process)
  • Is a mysqld instance holding one or more schemas? (schema is created via "create database" statement)
  • Can you have a Compute Instance holding both R/W and R/O mode?
  • Can you have a mysqld instance holding both R/W and R/O mode?

Thank you!

- Xinhuan

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Added on Jul 14 2020