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MySQL Database

MySQL Clustering Options

Mubashar IftikharMay 17 2019 — edited May 18 2019

I have two MySQL Database Servers i.e.

One is Active Server --> Master and second is Passive Server --> Slave.

and as we know we have 3-4 MySQL HR,DR Solutions / Clustering options. For example

01 : MySQL NDB Cluster

02 : MySQL InnoDB Cluster

03 : MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade

My First Question is i want to deploy One Active & One Passive MySQL Server so which Cluster Option / HA,DR Option will be fit for above mentioned scenario ?
My Second Question is suppose i have deploy One Active & One Passive MySQL Server in any above mentioned Cluster Option / HA,DR Option. So what about licensing ? I have to buy license of MySQL Servers/ Cluster ?


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This post has been answered by Dave Stokes-MySQL Community Team-Oracle on May 17 2019
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Added on May 17 2019