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MySQL 5.6 Data Replication Syncronization Checker Between Servers (Master & Slave)

Mubashar IftikharApr 18 2018 — edited May 17 2018

Hi Everyone

I have one Master and Slave

OS : MySQL5.6 & RHEL 7.0

Replication Status : Running Fine

Everything working fine and correctly

    I want to check that the data is correctly replicated between servers (Master to Slave)

     and with the help of "mysqlrplsync", i execute this command

mysqlrplsync --master=repuser:123@localhost:3306 \ --slaves=repuser:123@,repuser:123@localhost:3306

but this command show that error

[root@master common]# mysqlrplsync --master=root:pass@host1:3306 \ --slaves=rpl:pass@host2:3306

WARNING: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.

Usage: mysqlrplsync --master=user:pass@host:port --slaves=user:pass@host:port \


mysqlrplsync: error: Option --discover-slaves-login or --slaves is required.

Note : Even i have tried by adding the database name in the above command

My this method to check Data synchronization is correct ?

If not then can you please guide me how to perform Synchronization of Data Step by Step ?

Best Regards

Mubashar Iftikhar

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Added on Apr 18 2018