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MySQL 5.5 for Solaris 11 (sparc)

flister98Sep 11 2015 — edited Sep 12 2015

Hello everyone,

I was able to get MySQL 5.1 up and running with little to no trouble. Come to find out, the software I'm using with MySQL requires MySQL version 5.5.

I used "pkg uninstall mysql-51" to remove the old version.

I used "pkg install --accept mysql-55" to install the newer version

After I enabled the service, "svcadm enable mysql", then I do

"svcs -a | grep my" and get "onlineĀ  3:20:04 svc:/application/database/mysql:version_55"

Think everything is good I enter "mysql" and get

"-bash: mysql: command not found"

Please help

I need at least 5.5, but can go higher if needed.

Thank you

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Added on Sep 11 2015